One of the most powerful sources of encouragement... LISTEN!
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So thankful for the continuous stream of encouraging reviews on Amazon!

If you have a friend who hasn't read the book, this is a great place to point them to for a recommendation:)!

Also, if you're a fan of the book and haven't connected with us for exclusive email updates and offers on upcoming events, please email and we'll get you set up!
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So thankful for the continuous stream of encouraging reviews on Amazon! 

If you have a friend who hasnt read the book, this is a great place to point them to for a recommendation:)! 

Also, if youre a fan of the book and havent connected with us for exclusive email updates and offers on upcoming events, please email and well get you set up!

You have the "ability to respond" to more than what you often think!

Todd Gongwer
Mediocre leaders mentality: "It's not my responsibility."

Elite leaders mentality: "I will use my ability to respnd!"

The world is in desperate need of people who are willing to use whatever ability they have to impact right where they are!
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Love, love, love this!! Every day I make a point to look people I pass in the eyes and say hello. It makes a difference!! Keep up the great work and influencing others!!!

Need some help from my friends who've read LEAD...for God's Sake:
What character in the story did you most relate to?
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At the time I read it definitely Coach, but as have gotten older and my work/life responsibilities have changed I now relate and try to emulate Joe, but it’s not always easy.

I’m a Coach but so badly want to be a Joe. It’s a daily, intentional awareness of all my actions, words and thoughts. The flawed person that I am does ok some days, some days I fail. Just keep trying. Each interaction is a new opportunity.

Most relate to, or most inspired by. Either way, I would say Joe, but definitely on a Joe journey, I strive to be a Joe to those I work with, but often fall short.

Definitely Coach Rocker. I used to BE him but after reading the book (5-6 times), my heart really changed! Thank you!

Right now, Joe. I’m mentoring a few of my co-workers in both their personal life and at work.

I read this book about 6 or 7 years ago right before I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. It was a stepping stone toward seeking truth and finding Jesus. So then I'd say coach, even tho I don't care for sports, I'm a woman, and I'm 4'10 so definitely NOT a basketball player. Funny, God used your book to reach me anyways LOL. He's funny, too. Thanks, Todd Gongwer.

I think as many others have said, as I age, I am becoming more like Joe. My family and friends and building relationships with others has become way more important than material possessions. I’m a work in progress, but each day is a chance to make a positive connection with someone.

After reading the book several times, Joe!!

Coach...but working towards Joe and gaining on it everyday.

Joe the custodian because I am one but I am far from being the kind of person like Joe and I would love to be like him.

Coach for sure but I’m working on that.

Joe I try to inspire and help people around me

We need both the "Coaches" and "Joes" in our lives. Both of them help us to grow into the person we are meant to be! Some days I'm the Coach and yet other days I'm Joe.

Everyone would like to be Joe!

Aspire to be Joe!

Moses or Peter

I’m also a coach, so I identified with Coach Rocker, but was inspired by Joe.

Coach,striving to be like Joe

I'm a Joe in the making and Lead...for God's Sake!, gives me courage to let go and hope for real success. Like Connie Shaw, it's a daily challenge to be aware of my actions, words, thoughts and how those build or damage relationships. Like Coach, I'm learning.




Joe/ Coach



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Your purpose begins right where you are!

Todd Gongwer
Your PURPOSE is right in front of you...and begins right where you are today!
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Hope to see you there! ... See MoreSee Less

Hope to see you there!

Listen to the hearts of those you'll always find something extremely powerful lying within! ... See MoreSee Less

Listen to the hearts of those you lead...youll always find something extremely powerful lying within!

Pursue YOUR best over THE best
"THE best" is always in comparison to someone or something else.

When we condition young people to constantly focus on being THE best, we're leading them down a dangerous path toward a life of comparison.

"YOUR best" is about maximizing the gifts, talents and abilities you've been given for the purpose they were given to you. THIS is where you have the most opportunity for impact.

Focus on being YOUR BEST today!
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Many years ago a wise told me,don't try to be as good as someone.try to be the best you can be always.

Very true 60 seconds, everyone needs to listen!

So true

Love this !!!!

Umiiwas na mga tadyang ay hinahabol nila upang makanti nang hinde inaasahan nga naging sunod sunuran dahil minamaltrato sila nang hinde mga kakilala upang hinde makita ay pipiringan ang mga mata nga nagkunwaring mga banal subalet ay hinde lahat ay mga taga sunod nang Deus upang embestegahan sa mga senyales nga hinde tunay sa campo nang kabanalan dahil minomolestya sila nang nagiging mga taga pamagitan Kong paano mailalabas ay kuhain ang bihag na kababaihan dahil walang nalalaman ang kahit na sino upang maging taga pag tanggol ay dapat pumile nang mga bagong taga pamagitan upang sila hinde maka pameruhesyo sa mga mangmang na mga baguhan nang maging ligtas ang mga mananamba sa mga mapag panggap na relihiyoso amen

Was that at Cedarville University, Todd?

Absolutely, LOVE this!!!

Simple logic . Put it to the test .

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