Understand and develop

In the book LEAD…for God’s Sake, the ultimate coach was a wise, humble, and patient janitor.

His methods were far from conventional, and his selfless agenda–built upon love, trust and the best interest of others–was clear. He was there to serve, to clean up after others, and to fix what was broken. He listened, encouraged, spoke truth, challenged, and believed in all those he counseled. He not only understood the role of each team member but also had an uncanny feel for the hidden challenges of the leader occupying the lonely space at the top of the team. Armed with this understanding, he consistently inspired clarity and focus in the mind, energy and accountability in the walk, and peace and purpose in the heart. This was the essence of Joe the janitor, and this is the essence of who we aspire to be as your Executive Janitor Coach (EJC).

At KTG our philosophy is simple: We follow the model of Joe. Our desire is to help you become the very best leader you were created to be. To do this, we seek to genuinely understand you and the unique cultural dynamics surrounding you. From there, we work with you to develop an ongoing process that will challenge and support you in a way that best suits your specific needs as a high level organizational leader.


You can expect your executive janitor coach to serve you as a:

A trusted counselor who will ask you the difficult questions you need to consider for both personal and professional growth.


A trusted confidant who will listen to your ambitions, concerns, and challenges in order to understand your perspective, and also help you expand your perspective where/when needed.


A trusted advisor who will study the very heart of the leadership and team dynamics surrounding you, in order to offer practical advice that will help you impact both the mind and the hearts of those you lead.


A trusted professional with expertise in the development of leadership, team, and cultural dynamics who will offer time-tested solutions to the challenges you face in these areas.


A trusted friend who will speak truth into your life, hold you accountable in your leadership, and encourage and challenge you to be your very best, both personally and professionally.

“Coach…you can change your own heart first. That’s the best way to deeply affect the hearts of those you lead: Change your own heart first.” – Joe the janitor

Our coaching process includes tangible components; we assess your goals and objectives and work with you on how best to achieve them. However, we go deeper than that. What’s unique about our method is the genuine desire to learn more about the very heart of who you are and who you truly aspire to become as a leader. We listen. Then, we construct a tailored plan for growth and development that begins in your heart and is revealed through your actions.

Application Process

KTG Founder, Todd Gongwer, currently works with CEOs and college coaches. However, in an effort to serve a broader spectrum of leaders, we are in the process of creating program options that offer multiple levels of engagement for those desiring Executive Janitor Coaching/Mentoring services.

If you have interest in engaging Todd as an Executive Janitor Coach, please click the link below to begin the application process. Please note that space is limited and that applications will be reviewed in the order in which they are received.