The heart is always under construction!
Character is the heart of your leadership...

Every word, attitude and behavior you choose, flows from and through your character and drives your influence as a leader.

The heart is always under construction...

We must become intentional with construction of our hearts!
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It was awesome to hear him share at Provoke at SouthBrook. Love his book. Can’t wait for the next one.

A question we should ask ourselves daily...along with 5 areas of life you need to get right to stay on course!
#Prayer #Position #People #Priorities #Passion
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A question we should ask ourselves daily...along with 5 areas of life you need to get right to stay on course!
#Prayer #Position #People #Priorities #Passion

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Chelsea Holder Shows

FREE leadership and culture video series
***FREE culture building video series

There’s so much at stake in sports today!

Athletes are inundated with messages that go against the most timeless and proven principles of successful teams.

Think about it…what forms of modern media today are promoting selflessness? Humility? Work ethic? Delayed gratification? Loyalty?

The bottom line is this; to counter the constant barrage of negative messages athletes are getting pelted with, a coach must be intentional with the development of their culture.

Easier said than done given the time constraints every coach battles...

So, with this in mind, we created an on-damand virtual training tool for with this specifically in mind!

In fact...I'm so excited about the results we've already seen, I'm offering you the first module FREE! get 8 short video segments FREE plus the PDF workbook full of discussion questions!

If you're a coach serious about building a culture of leadership excellence you have to check this out today!

CLICK the link below to jump in today!!!
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A little football fun with Wadson:)
Not even sure how to introduce this one...accept to say my first grader is a big boy who loves to teach:). Enjoy!
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I love this guy! I hope he never loses that laugh. I had a great time with him a few Wednesday’s ago.

Awesome Wadson, love your laugh and sense of humor. Good catch too.

Ha catch with one hand and sometimes catch with two 😄

Love the laughter!

“If you do good, you get an atta boy” ....that is my favorite!! 😂

These instructions are worthy of your attention if you want to be a success in proper technique of throwing a football 🏈. Thanks Wadson

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Have always loved this quote... confidence, courage and compassion! ... See MoreSee Less

Have always loved this quote... confidence, courage and compassion!

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Excellent guidance

Embrace your position in life today!
Far too often, our obsessive desires to get to the next level of success in life lead us to dangerous compromises at our current level.

Embrace the process...
Embrace the challenge...
Embrace your position in life...
Be who you are called to be — YOUR best —-right where you are today!
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Exactly! No need to compare ourselves to others and in doing so lose our own sight. Great message 👍🏽

Thank you Todd🕊

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4 weeks ago

Lead...for God's Sake!

A great reminder to pursue your purpose with a passion...and, remember your WHY every day! #purpose

Visit Lead...for God's Sake! on Facebook to order yours today!
*Team discounts available
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A great reminder to pursue your purpose with a passion...and, remember your WHY every day!  #purpose 

Visit Lead...for Gods Sake! on Facebook to order yours today! 
*Team discounts available

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Great shirt! I need this for Christmas

Love it





Tyler Tullis!

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Wisdom with Wasdon on the topic of Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is a great time to not only HAVE an attitude of gratitude, but to SHARE it with others!

More than likely, we can all find something to be thankful for. However, there are still many who find themselves in the midst of great life struggles, even today. And, although these struggles come in many different forms, there is one thing each of us can share with those struggling that can help: genuine love!

There are many different acts of kindness that can help us show genuine love. However, we should never underestimate the simple, yet powerful act of TELLING someone how much we love and appreciate them. Words can always have a powerful and lasting impact on our lives!

This Thanksgiving as you reflect on all you have to be thankful for, I encourage you, find the people in your life that most need to hear a word of encouragement and SHARE your gratitude with them by telling them how much you love and appreciate them for who they are!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

PS - Hope you enjoy the Thanksgiving edition of Wisdom with Wadson!
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Well said, Todd! Happy Thanksgiving to you and you family!🦃🕊

Great job Wadson

Are you pursuing your purpose with a passion? A great reminder to stay true to your WHY! #Purpose #Passion #RelationshipsMatter ... See MoreSee Less


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“A powerful message…clear, concise, entertaining and understandable.”

Urban Meyer

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“[Todd] get’s to the heart of what really matters in Effective leadership.”

Donnie Smith

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“A very special message for today’s business leaders.”

Ken Blanchard

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“Powerful message that every leader in business and beyond needs to hear!”

Scott Peters

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"Todd is one of the most influential & impactful speakers I’ve ever listened to. His ability to captivate his audience is the best I’ve ever seen — simply nobody better!"

Brian Boland

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"An incredibly powerful message! ...will inspire you to think more deeply about leadership and your true purpose in life!"

John Smoltz

Former Major League Pitcher

"Todd's message is an incredible reminder of the gift that we have been given to lead and develop people in a positive way."

Bubba Cunningham

Director of Athletics at University of North Carolina

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